Minerals from Bulgaria

Minerals from various parts of Bulgaria.

ID: 0013#00004

Deposit: Chernomorets quarry, Chernomorets village, Bourgas oblast
Year: Mined 1984
Description: Fine-needle epidote crystals on microcline.
Condition: Top Condition
Size: 8.00×8.00×5.00 cm
Price: €110

ID: 0013#00002

Deposit: Patron kaya deposit, Kapitan Petko voivoda mine (vein 5),Madzharovo ore field, East Rhodope mountain
Year: Mined 1952-1955
Description: Light yellow pyromorphite (up to 0.80 cm) on limonite.
Condition: Good Condition
Size: 22.00×13.00×16.00 cm
Price: €550