To place an order send an e-mail, requesting the specimen(s) in interest, including their ID number.

Confirmation for the recieved order will be sent via e-mail, including the total amount + shipping.


All prices are in Euro.

Payment can be done as following (in Euro € and US $):

1. Western Union (a safe and fast way to send money internationally);

2. Wired money transfer to our account (in Euro € and US $) – for details, please e-mail me.

3. PayPal  


The specimen(s) will packaged in such a way to provide maximum protection against damage and/or impact. This also means you should be extra careful while oppening the received specimen(s).


The standard way of delivery is the Priority Mail Delivery (a service of the Bulgarian post office).

Alternative ways of delivery are used only when the client has specifically requested it (EMSDHL, and FedEx). They are faster, but more expensive.

All deliveries have to be signed for as proof of delivery. Should you be out when a delivery is made, you will be carded and you will have to rearrange a redelivery via the telephone number on the card. To prevent delivery problems, many customers state a delivery address which is different from an home address for example (e.g. work or neighbor). You can do this when ordering your goods.


The specimen(s) are described as accurately as possible, in order to minimize any potential discrepancy upon delivery. If the shipped specimen(s) are not up to your satisfaction they can be refunded. To get a refund you should send back the specimen(s) in their original condition and packed accordingly. All shipping charges and return fees are paid by the client.